Everything that A Beginner Need to Know About Meditation

Do you want to know more about meditation? After hearing many people said that meditation brings a peaceful mind, make you a better person, and give many positive effects, you must want to try understanding it first, and then try it. Now, for the understanding part, we have several easy explanations that you can use to know more.

What is Meditation?

First of all, let us tell you that meditation is not a practice to empty your mind or even a technique that will make you a better person. So, if you heard that people become a better person or become one with universe and such when you ask about what meditation is, we can say that is a wrong interpretation. And, if you believe that explanation, there is a chance that you will do the meditation in the wrong way.

About Meditation


In short, meditation is a practice to understand your thoughts, feelings, and anything that happens to you, better. You don’t empty your mind. The real practice of meditation is focusing on your thought and increasing your awareness of your condition.

In the end, you will accept your condition and able to accept it objectively. This is maybe what people see as to become a better person, which is not wrong. Normally, we judge our condition and situation without a calm mind. The result is we get agitated, frustrated and even angry. The worst of all, we never realized that we are in those negative statuses when we judge our condition.

By meditating, we can see our condition and situation clearer. We will know the real condition and situation that we have been facing. From this point, you can easily see the best way to overcome it. For example, when you are meditating, you realize that you have a problem in your office. With the meditation, you can find the best solution or path you can take to solve that problem.

About Meditation

calm and serene

It does work as well to your weakness. All of us were born with weakness. The meditation let you know more about your weakness. Then, you can find a way to overcome it with your strength or accept it as the part of yourself, which you can use as a catalyst to boost your strength and keep you humble. All these practices indeed make you a better person. But, meditation won’t turn you into another person that is better than your past self. You just accept and use your situation optimally.

How to Meditate?

This kind of question about meditation is quite difficult to answer because there are too many answers. Many meditation techniques are available for you to try. We won’t be able to point out the best technique for you because meditation is mind-related activity. So, you are the only one that can find out which techniques are perfect for your mental condition and focus level.

However, if we have to use a generalized term to describe the method to meditate, we can say that there are three steps you can do, which are:

  • Relaxing your mind and body,
  • Focusing your mind to see your situation,
  • Accepting your situation.
About Meditation

Calm and serene

The Bottom Lines

Meditation is a practice to improve your focus toward your real situation, accept it and live better with it. You will get many benefits from doing this activity, especially if you use it regularly. It will fix your mindset and make it much better for your current situation. You also can solve many problems with meditation, either your mind or physical problems. And, that’s all that you need to know about meditation.

Why Do You Need To Quiet Your Minds Before Session?

Why Do You Need To Quiet Your Minds Before Session?

Since the exercising world is so physical, people often forget about the “quiet” exercises as in yoga and any forms of meditations. “Quiet” Exercise

At the same time, you need “quiet” exercises the most when you need peace in your life.

Even the “quiet” exercises at situs judi online are called “exercises” for reasons.

One of them is that not every people can quiet their mind. This is true especially for people with hectic schedules or high stress levels in their lives that they can’t manage by themselves.

Mental Exercises


At the same time, your minds should be in the “quiet and still” positions before and during your “quiet” exercise sessions.

That way, your “quiet” exercises help you in managing and balancing your mental and emotional states.

It is hard to do the next step, to maintain positions in your “quiet” exercise sessions and to deliver messages in your sessions, if your minds’ states are not “quiet and still”.

Messages are, in fact, the most important aspect in any “quiet” exercise sessions you are going to do.

All About The Most Forgotten “Quiet” Exercise

Messages are not only directions to your positions during the sessions. Those are suggestions to your mental and emotional states that last even when the sessions have ended for a couple of days, weeks, months, or even years.

This is because the messages in the “quiet” exercise sessions touch not only the mental and emotional states.

To some extents, they even touch the deepest spiritual states. For example, you need to hear affirmations since your childhood moments. You never hear these words until these are spoken in your “quiet” exercise sessions regardless of how those are spoken.

This way, a quieter mind in your “quiet” exercise sessions will result you in having more creative ideas. You will also feel more inspired and encouraged after your sessions.

Compare this when your mind is not quiet.

quiet Exercises


Since you can’t 100% grasp the given messages during your sessions, it will be common for you to feel less creative and inspired.

Quieting your mind is not an easy job for some people. This is getting more correct especially for people with high levels of unmanageable stresses.

There are ways to quiet your minds.

There are times you can use one of the ways and also when you should use more than one.

The next article will discuss this.

4 Meditation Techniques that Every Beginner Must Master
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4 Meditation Techniques that Every Beginner Must Master

Understanding the meditation techniques is the first step you need to do if you want to try meditation. You don’t need to think about difficult techniques that require difficult posture. For a beginner, you can start it from these four techniques for your meditation.

Deep-Breathing Technique

This meditation technique covers the method to breathe and control your heartbeat rate. This is the most important key if you want to successfully meditate. By having an ability to control your breath and heart rate, you also can control your mind and focus easily. Thus, you can improve your focus and calm your mind much easier. Once you master this technique, it will be much easier to master other meditation techniques.

Meditation Techniques

Meditation Techniques

White-Light Technique

This is the advanced level of Deep-Breathing technique. Once you master the Deep-Breathing, you will be able to focus your mind. But, in many cases, your focus will only last for not long, before it is eventually wandering around. The White-Light technique uses an object at https://agenpoker899.com that you imagine inside your mind to keep your focus. For example, you can count your breathes whenever you inhale and exhale to keep your focus.

Affirmation Meditation Techniques

The next meditation technique you must master is the Affirmation. This is one of the meditation techniques that allow you to change your mindset or perspective towards something. And, you can only use it when you are in high focus, which achieved by using the Deep-Breathing and White-Light technique.

Meditation Techniques

Meditation Techniques

In the high focus condition, you can easily change or “reprogram” your subconscious to do what you want. For example, today, you think you won’t be able to finish your task. By “reprogramming” your subconscious, you can change this mindset and turn it into “I can finish it in one day.” With this mindset, you will be able to make it happen in reality.

Walking Meditation

You are meditating while walking. The first step is controlling your breath using Deep-Breath. Then, focus your mind with White-Light. Then, start walking around. When you lose your focus, stop walking and use the White-Light again to get your focus back.

By mastering this technique, you can activate your meditation state when you are in the middle of your activity. So, the positive effect can be gained much faster. You will have a better way to deal with many things in your life, from everyday problems, job, relationship and many more. Those are what you can get once you master all of those four meditation techniques.