Simple Body Fitness That You Do At Home

Simple Body Fitness That You Do At Home

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Regular exercise is good to maintain body health. However, you don’t want to go to a fitness center. It can be too costly or doesn’t fit your convenience or maybe some other reason.


You don’t need to worry because you can still do it at home. Although doing regular work out may challenge your commitment, it is a great thing to do. You can do it any time without considering the fitness center schedule.

The following are some simple move ideas that you can do at home.

Simple Body Fitness That You Do At Home

Simple Body Fitness That You Do At Home


It is a great movement to start your workout. It helps to stimulate the backside of your body (the core and posterior chain) and keep muscle around the hips tight.

You need to lie with your knees are bent. Feet flat on the floor, and hands lie flat beside your body too. Then, push your bottom off until the hips are extended optimal.

Chair Squat

It is a simple body movement that can tighten both legs and core. You can do it daily as it is easy to do. As a beginner, you can place a chair beneath you to get a proper move.


You can start by standing with the feet as wide as the shoulder. Put toes pointed out. Then, bend your knees and lower back down.


Bend it until almost in the sit position. Make your arms extended forward. Next, push your body up by your heels.

Simple Body Fitness That You Do At Home

Simple Body Fitness That You Do At Home

Knee push up

Doing a push-up with the knee is suitable for a ceme online beginner. This simple move will help you to build body strength before you continue with standard push up.

The way you do it is like you do a standard push up. The difference is that you will use the hand palms and knees to maintain the body balance.

Stationary lunge 

This exercise helps you tighten your quads and glutes. You can do this regularly for better results.

Put your right in front and the left foot in back. Make sure your right foot is flat while the left is up on the toes. Then, bend the knees.

You can stop once the right tight almost reaches the ground. You can return to the initial position with the help of the right food.

Plank to Downward Dog

This position helps you to maintain the upper body, mainly the shoulders. By doing this, you don’t need weights for a shoulder exercise.

You can put the body into a high plank pose. Place hands stacked under shoulders. Make sure feet close together.

You can push the hips up and return to the Downward Dog position. Keep the neck pose neutral, but the body forms a triangle. The ground will be your triangle base.

Straight-leg donkey kick

This position can maintain tight muscle. You can do it regularly if you want the best result.

You can make position like a donkey with hands, knees, and toes on the ground. Keep the back straight and start to push your foot out behind you. Push until it is straight.

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