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Quieting Your Mind Before And During “Quiet” Exercise Sessions

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In the previous article, you learned quieting your mind as the first and most important step. Yet, you feel stressed, down, demotivated, and other negative emotions arise in you. To a point you have difficulties in not even thinking. It’s fortunate that there are ways to calm your mind.

In this article, you will learn to calm your mind before and during “quiet” exercise sessions without any medicine prescriptions. In other words, you will learn to quiet your mind in a natural way. It all starts with renewing perspectives.  Here, “renewing perspectives” doesn’t mean you should always adjust your perspectives to other people’s. That will result you in having no value and purposes of lives.

Quieting Your Mind

Quieting Your Mind

Quieting Your Mind

Instead, “renewing perspectives” means you affirm yourself that you have done the right ways regardless what others have said to diminish your spirits. It is when you stay true to what you believe is true that you renew your perspectives…

…And eventually be able to quiet your minds. Still, renewing perspectives don’t come instantly in only one or two days. This is true especially for you who live in abusive conditions for long times. There are times when other people or outsider’s disturbances get to you.  Even though they are manageable, they can be serious threats. This is especially true when your renewing perspective phase enters the first stages. Or, you belong to the people groups who need extra works in attracting the Mr. or Mrs. Wrong all the time.

Quieting Your Mind

Quieting Your Mind

This is why you should isolate yourself in a calm and safe haven to do your “quiet” exercise sessions. If you’re playing musics, make sure those musics are not too loud or fast-paced that those will disrupt your mind.

Not stopping there, you should also make sure the musics don’t wake up your worst minds in the past or make you feel nostalgic that you become distracted in your sessions. This applies for the slow and zen musics as with loud, rocking musics. Lighting aromatherapy candles also help in quieting your mind faster and begin your sessions faster as well.

Make sure you choose calming aroma as in chamomile or lavender. It is also best to choose aromatherapy candles with light aroma rather than the strong ones. The lighter (or the more subtle) the aroma, the more focus and concentration abilities they will give to you.

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