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Do You Believe in Some Common Fitness and Exercise Myths?

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Do You Believe in Some Common Fitness and Exercise Myths?. Do you like fitness or exercise to maintain health? Wow, it turns out that almost everyone loves to exercise and playing at situs judi poker! Of course, exercise is beneficial for our bodies. However, do you know that many fitness and exercise myths in which those are obviously wrong? If you don’t know yet, this article will tell you. What is the myth-like? Come, see the following discussion!

The more sweat the better

Many people assume that more sweat means more fat and calories burned. In fact, sweat is the body’s mechanism for releasing heat in the body or releasing excess fluid in the body. So there is no relation between burning calories and fat with the amount of sweat.

Do You Believe

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The more heat the body burns fatter

Have you ever seen someone run during the day in a jacket? Maybe it was intended to increase body heat and finally sweat a lot. But that is not true.

Increased body heat during exercise due to increased activity of the heart to pump blood so that heart rate and body temperature also increase. This increase in body temperature will stimulate sweat production. If you exercise using a jacket it will increase body heat so that it can cause dehydration.

Do You Believe

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The best sports time is morning

It is one of the fitness and exercise myths that all people really believe. It is wrong for you to have an assumption that the best time to exercise must be in the morning. Because, the key to exercise is not in time, but our consistency in doing it. When you want to exercise, you can do it anytime.

That is, when you want to exercise twice every week then you have to do it regularly. Consistency in doing so is necessary for your body to get used to it. If you don’t do it consistently, your body will always be surprised when you exercise. The effect, you will feel body pain every time you exercise.

You can eat anything after exercise

If you exercise with the aim of losing weight then you should not eat carelessly. The main weight loss is from maintaining food intake. Keep a healthy diet so that your exercise does not become useless.

Exercise on an empty stomach

Maybe someone thinks that exercise on an empty stomach can accelerate weight loss. But that is the wrong thing. You should eat the first 2 hours before exercising. Because when you exercise you also need energy and prevent colic after exercising. Exercise on an empty stomach can also cause dizziness and weakness when you exercise.

Expensive sports equipment reduces the risk of injury

Many people think that sports equipment at high prices has greater injury protection than cheap equipment. In fact, it’s not a matter of price that affects injury protection, but rather how to fit the sports equipment is worn by the body.

For example, you use basketball shoes to play futsal, certainly, the potential for injury is greater than those who use futsal shoes. Another example, you play tennis with shoes that are loose and do not fit will make the potential for injury greater than using shoes according to foot size.

So, you should not be trapped into thinking that high prices will prevent you from injury. Instead, you have to use sports equipment that is comfortable to wear the body.

Those are fitness and exercise myths still widely believed. Come on, diligently exercise properly so that our bodies are healthy and fit.

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