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5 Exercise Movements That You Can Do Without Having to Go to the Gym

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5 Exercise Movements That You Can Do Without Having to Go to the Gym. Sports activities are highly recommended so that the body does not feel stiff when doing various daily activities while keeping the body in top shape and healthy. Usually, many people will spend time in the gym so they can exercise according to the training and the availability of available equipment.

However, they not only have to go to the gym to be able to exercise. With some perfect moves, assisted with a few makeshift tools that can support your exercise activities later, you can do some exercise movements without having to go to the gym.

5 movements that are easy and inexpensive

For that, below will be detailed in the form of 5 movements of exercise that you can do easily, even with minimal capital though.


We might not be familiar with hearing sports activities on this one, of course. Push-ups can be done anywhere and anytime when you want. Push up is an exercise activity that can help you to train the muscles of the hands and arms while burning fat.

Instead of having to pay to be able to enjoy the facilities at the Gym so you can build muscle in your arm, of course, push can be a choice to help you build arm muscles that are very easy and don’t require a fee.

5 Exercise Movements

5 Exercise Movements


Just like the exercise of push-ups, you can do squats wherever and whenever you want. The squat can help you to train the strengths in your leg muscles. Squats can also help you to train your balance too.

5 Exercise Movements

5 Exercise Movements

Bench dip

Then the other exercise movements that can be done easily and without requiring a large fee is a bench dip. You just need a strong bench to be able to support or support your body later. The movement of the bench dip is very well suited to assist you in building chest muscles and triceps.

5 Exercise Movements

5 Exercise Movements


Plank movement is very simple. You will position yourself like a board later. It looks simple, but to do it is not as easy as it seems. You will be trained to be able to balance your body with your body weight. In this movement, the muscles in your body will be trained to be more balanced.


You can do exercise in the form of burpee easily, even without the need for equipment in the gym though. This movement is also considered as a very effective movement to burn fat in your body.

This movement includes the legs, arms, and chest. Because of the movement of some of the active parts too, this movement is often regarded as a better movement than even the cardio movement.

Continue to be consistent to practice

If you intend to train and develop the muscles in your body, then the key is to be consistent to do these movements. Therefore, muscle formation from these exercises will not be obtained in just a few brief exercises.

Try to occasionally make variations of movements that can reach your entire body. So that all the muscles in your body are moving and not stiff.

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