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4 Fitness Apps That Are Recommended for You

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4 Fitness Apps That Are Recommended for You. Keeping the body fit is one of the main keys so that the body stays healthy and is not easily sick. There are various ways that we can do to make our bodies still look fit, such as eating healthy foods. Counting the calories that enter the body, and doing various activities to train the body.

Unfortunately, often among us make a few small mistakes, such as the absence of heating activities at the beginning or wrong step in carrying out the heating activities. Plus the portion of the activity or exercise that we do is not optimal enough to train which parts of the body we should be training.

Finally, small things like injuries or non-optimal training result even though they have been done for a long time often occur. Therefore, so that you can get the right training following the target you want to achieve. It helps you have an exercise pattern or exercise recipe that you have to do. In this case, you don’t need to hire a mentor, you just use the application on your smartphone.

4 Fitness Apps That

4 Fitness Apps

4 fitness applications that can help you to get optimal training

There are now many fitness apps that you can download at the app store from each of your smartphones. Some of them are offered free or paid. You simply select the application that suits your tastes, and also the training recommendations that are right following your target achievement also later.

Fitbit Coach

The first is Fitbit Coach. This application can help track your fitness later. You will also be able to get any training recommendations that are suitable for what you want to achieve. For example, if you want to increase muscle mass in the arm, then you will be given a variety of exercise recommendations to be able to achieve this.

4 Fitness Apps That

Fitbit Coach

Nike Training Club

This application is certainly a fitness application created by one of the well-known brands in the world of sports, namely Nike. In this fitness application, you will be given a variety of training packages aimed at the objectives of the training itself later.


This fitness application offers unique features.  One of which is that it can offer planning of what foods you should eat to match the portions and conditions of the training package you are doing at the time. That way, you can understand more about what training you are doing and how many calories. The amount that enters your body so that it is not excessive and disrupt the exercise program.

4 Fitness Apps That

Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio

Quite different like other fitness applications, this fitness application is not intended to strengthen your muscle mass. But rather to train flexibility, strength, and flexibility, and balance of your body. You will be offered a training program where you can cover these 4 things later.

Consider using a subscription program

Free services will only offer a few features and training that you can access. To access other training programs and features, you are of course required to subscribe to use the application. If you only train your body and endurance, a free service option is certainly enough. However, if you want something from a particular exercise to make your body physically better. Then it never hurts to use the subscription services offered.

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